Don’t forget the $66 side dish.

Retailer Neiman Marcus has unveiled a $66 (plus $15.50 shipping) side dish of frozen collard greens.  That’s right, folks..for the low, low price of $81.50, you can have some frozen greens delivered frozen to your door.  Can you say, “More money than sense” here?  COLLARD GREENS.  ALMOST $100 FOR COLLARD GREENS.

Photo via Neiman Marcus.

Photo via Neiman Marcus.

My entire Thanksgiving meal doesn’t cost that much, even if I go higher end and buy brand name items instead of store brand!  And that includes frozen pies like Mrs. Smith’s or something..because ain’t nobody got time for that.

So, if you just can’t handle the idea of Thanksgiving without collard greens, head on over to your local grocery store of choice and pay about $4 for a bag of fresh or frozen.


Update…OMG you guys, they’re sold out.  People are crazy.


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