Crime and punishment.

So my 12 year old is the sweetest, most loving kid.  She’s an honor roll student, has a wickedly dark sense of humor, is an empathetic and loving girl in general. What she also is, is an almost teenager and OHMYGODWHOISTHISKIDANDWHEREISMYBABY?

Now granted, I already have a 17 year old, but with Hallee’s developmental delays, most of this parenting of a raging inferno of emotions (aka, the teen age girl) is new to me and oh my holy cheese…buckle up, ’cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Up until today, I could count on one hand the number of times this child has been in any real trouble with me.  She’s just easy and good.  Then today, whatever it was…. hormones, the planets out of alignment, possession by evil spirits, whatever, the kid went too far and landed herself in hot water.

The punishment?  I took away all of the electronics, including her cell phone.  My kid lives and dies by her phone and Kindle, therefore, they were the obvious choice.  I told her they would be gone for the rest of the week.  What I didn’t realize?  That I’d be getting punished just as much as she is, because you guys?  SHE IS DRIVING ME INSANE.

“Can I have my phone?  Can I have your phone?  Can I have the Kindle?  The laptop?  Can I have it for 5 minutes?  Pleeeeeeeeease?  Pleeeeeeease?”  And I almost, almost gave in.  Until she said, “You always give in on this stuff, why not just let me have it?”  Bad move, kiddo.  My heart is now appropriately hardened to your pleas.   And also my blood pressure is probably 30 points higher.  And it’s only day one.  From now on my punishments for her will be more Mom-centered.  Like she has to learn to cook my favorite meals.  Or wax my car.  Clean the cat box, etc.  Rookie mistake, y’all.

What are/were the most effective punishments for your kids?  How did you keep from losing your ever-loving-mind when your wee angels sprouted horns?  Did you ever consider selling them to gypsies?  No?  Sure.  Me neither.

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