Lilly Pulitzer debut misses the Target.

The long awaited (for me, anyway) Lilly Pulitzer For Target collection went live online this morning at 3am.  Apparently the Lilly-hungry hoards pounced all at once, because Target’s website crashed almost immediately, not coming back up until almost 7 this morning.

I figured it’s as good an excuse as any to hit Target and after picking up my iced coffee (McDonald’s medium hazelnut $1) made my way over at 8:15 this morning.  The place was ransacked.  People had been lining up by 7:30 this morning and filling carts by the armful.  At 8:15, this is what was left in women’s clothing. Really.

2015-04-19 08.32.35


I had some better luck over in the beauty section…

2015-04-19 08.33.35

This was well stocked, makeup bags, Essie, headbands, bobby-pins, etc.  The Essie colors were nice, but I’ve seen most of them at Ulta already for about the same price, $8.50.

There was a home goods section for Lilly, but it too had been stripped almost bare.

2015-04-19 08.42.41

I caught an employee restocking home goods..but it people were grabbing things as soon as they hit the shelves without even looking at them.  One hammock left, which sells for $150.  Yeah..that’s what I said.

So here’s what I think.  First of all, woefully under-stocked for such an anticipated event.  Even the people who got some of the clothing line said there were only a few of each piece in each size.  I don’t know if they’ll be restocking on a regular basis, but they’d be foolish not to since this is obviously going to be a raging money maker for Target.

Secondly, still too pricey for me for the most part.  While yes, it’s much less expensive than the real Lilly line, I’m not paying $25 for a beach towel or $80 for a garden stool.

So between crashing websites, empty racks and still fairly high prices, I’ll let it pass me by.  Things will either be restocked or they won’t.  I’ve gotten some great Lilly pieces on eBay (which is now flooded with Lilly for Target pieces at double the retail price) and at second hand shops…there’s nothing that I can’t live without here.

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