The time traveling apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

My 12 year old is working on an assignment at school.  They have to write about an ancient city.  She had been telling me bits and pieces about it for a few days and then today, this……

Mad:  Mom, I worked a LOT on my story at school,  but today my writing was mainly about a janitor’s closet.

Me:  What?  A janitor’s closet..what in the world does that have to do with ancient cities?

Mad:  That’s where the time machine is.

Because of course there’s a time machine…she’s her mother’s daughter.  Expecting a call from school in 3..2..1..




My favorite time travel books…

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.  I first read this in the early 90’s on a road trip from Maine to South Carolina.  Love it just as much today as I did then.  While I love the series, I could do without the Lord John books.  And no, I’ve never seen the series on Starz, nor do I want to.  I like it better in my head.

Pretty much anything by Connie WIllis.  Blackout, All Clear, The Doomsday Book and To Say Nothing of the Dog are my favorites.

The entire Chronicles of St. Mary’s series by Jodi Taylor.  Just One Damned Thing After Another is the first in this fairly new series.  I fantasize about wandering about England, finding St. Mary’s and begging them to take me in…these were my people.

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