Thrift store score saves me $45.

Remember my recent post about finding the Shark steam mop and being on the lookout for a hand-held Shark steamer?  You do?  That’s why I love you guys, you pay attention to the important things like my shopping needs and ignore the questionable things like my tiny bladder and my love of anything 80’s.

So I’m out and about this morning and stop into Brewer Goodwill.  And within seconds found THIS.

2015-04-10 08.50.43

BAM.  Shark steamer.  $4 minus my 10% Goodwill card.  Retails $49.99, and Rex likes it too.  Yes, Rex still shops with me every day.  He’s kind of needy, but I’m cool with that.

So you know what I did with my morning, right?  Took a book and went back to bed because if was rainy and cold and dark and full of suck Cleaned all the things.  Bathroom fixtures, stove top, oven glass, toilets (different cleaning rags, I promise), fridge shelves and the drink holder in my Volvo which was a mishmosh of spilled iced coffee, old salt packets from drive-thru’s and a melted EOS lip balm.

My 12 year old says it’s scary how I can find anything that I’m looking for at second hand shops.  While I agree I can be scary at times, I chalk it up to good old fashioned stubbornness.  I refuse to pay retail on an item I know I can get just like new if I’ll only be patient.  I hit the thrift stores almost every day during the week.  Sometimes I walk out empty handed, other days I strike gold.  Today my friends…pure gold.

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