Best deals of the week.

The best deals I found this week were a mixed bag of thrift store finds and retail.  Target still has a TON of clearance items from just about every department, but I’ve been killing it in home goods.

I’ve gotten a couple of different rugs for less than $15.  I found this one for my upstairs living room.

2015-04-01 09.35.24


It was clearance priced down to $24.99, which I was happy with since I love the colors, but it rang up $14…I nearly fell over.

2015-04-01 11.56.27

A friend posted on FB about phone covers for iPhone 6 and 6+ being on clearance for $1.50 at Target.  I don’t have a 6, but my sister does, and luckily there was still lots there to choose from!

2015-04-02 08.39.50


I grabbed 4 for her.

2015-04-02 08.40.59


She’s one of those crafty-type people and she plans on monogramming these.  4 new covers for her 6+ and priority shipping to Texas less than $!

I stopped in at Rite Aid to grab a prescription on Wednesday and as I was walking out, one of the cashiers asked if I wanted any Twizzlers for 9 cents each.  Umm..yes.  They were 59 cents each and she was putting 50 cents off coupons on each of them…I took the whole box, which I shared with the sweet woman in line behind me and my cashier.

2015-04-02 09.57.14


Yesterday as I was wandering around Salvation Army I happened to come across two pairs of LL Bean flips, my size.  They rang up $1.99 each I felt like Scrooge McDuck sitting on his pile of gold.

2015-04-01 11.34.51

2015-04-01 11.34.01

I’m actually wearing the dog flips today since it’s so gorgeous out…I’m taking advantage of it since it’s supposed to SNOW again tomorrow and be gross for days afterward.  ENOUGH ALREADY.  It’s April 2!  I refuse to wear boots again.

And probably my favorite find…THE SHARK STEAM MOP!!!  Salvation Army, $10.99.  I’ve wanted one forever but just couldn’t find a good deal.  THIS was a good deal.  We have laminate hardwood floors all through our house and they are a straight-up PAIN IN THE ARSE to clean.  Everything streaks or dries cloudy.  This Shark blasts steam so hot that the floors are dry before they can streak and they’re sanitized.  Sigh….just saying it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  Sanitized….

2015-04-01 11.50.12

Now I’m on the hunt for a hand held Shark steamer…I had one for ages before it finally died an overused death about 4 years ago and I’ve just never gotten another.  For cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, there is NOTHING better.  No chemicals, just pure, scalding steam.  Mirrors and faucets sparkle…cemented  on mystery sauce in the microwave…gone.   Anyone else have one?  Do you love it?





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