Smelly cat, smelly cat..

It always amazes me that something so cute can stink up a room so badly.


I don’t change her food brands, she’s healthy and yet upon occasion she makes the entire downstairs (where her cat box is) smell like white-hot death.  Seriously.  Neighborhood dogs howl, birds fall dead from the sky…and the perpetrator tears out of the bathroom like Satan himself is hot on her tail.  Mark and I have only seconds to run to the bathroom, blinded by tears, smack the ventilation fan on and slam the door.

1620540_10202574058049466_1727738717_nIt’s a good thing I love her as much as I do.  Which is why I was glad to find a great deal going on right now at Target on Purina Purpose cat litter.  I have never tried this kind, but it has great reviews and at this price, I’m willing to give it a shot.

2015-03-24 11.04.40

Purina Purpose 23lb box is on sale for $10.91 thru 3/28.  There is a $4/1 printable coupon, you’ll stack that one with this $2/1 Target printable coupon, and on top of those you’ll use a 10% off Cartwheel from Target.  Using all three together is called a Triple Stack at Target and this brings the 23 lb box down to $4.02 which is AWESOME.  I’m cleaning out the box today (pray for me) and trying this stuff, I’ll let you know if it stands up to the Scarlet test or not.

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