Want to see what I found at Target last week?

There was clearance everywhere at Target this past week.  I could have shopped every day of the week and still found great deals to bring home.  I started off with Tena pantyliners priced at $3.49 each.  Thru 3/21 the purchase of 2 triggered a $5 gift card.  I used (2) $2/1 printable coupons and paid $2.98 out of pocket and got back $5!  Score!

2015-03-18 10.32.19


Purex Crystals, which I put everywhere in the house.  Laundry, Scentsy warmers, sachets in drawers and in the ashtray of the car as well.  Love how these smell!

2015-03-18 10.31.42

The 18oz bottles are regularly priced at $3.99.  I used this $3/2 printable on two, paying $2.48 each after coupon.

RUG CLEARANCE.  I’ve been seeing people getting rugs at Target for $20 and under all week..so I wanted to check our store, too.  Sure enough…

2015-03-20 08.31.43 2015-03-20 08.34.40 2015-03-20 08.34.50

I got the gorgeous green & white rug for $7.48.  The door mats and smaller accent sized rugs were $3.88 and there was a Cartwheel offer on the door mats, but I can’t find it any longer so it must have expired..still a great deal.

Ran in for a quick look around this morning..oh man..the wind!  Just getting across the parking lot into the store was an Olympic event.  Target’s new sales week starts on Sundays..so on Sunday mornings there’s always a ton of clearance items that were on sale the week before..I like to go see what I can find.

2015-03-22 11.15.50


Market Pantry (Target’s store brand) steak sauce..marked down to $1.88 and there is a 5% Cartwheel.  I believe in drowning your food.  Wanna know what my favorite sandwich is?  Grilled ham and cheese with a monster cup of spicy cocktail sauce to dip it in.  Really.  I love steak sauce on eggs, on my hamburger and roast beef sandwiches.  Ketchup on everything else.  Spicy brown mustard?  On all the things.

Well hello there, Smuckers..want to get in my belly?  Of course you do.  Clearance priced down to 98 cents and there’s a 25% Cartwheel!  Oh yes there is!  I took 6 but left lots on the shelf!  Go get ’em!  I also bought Market Pantry vanilla ice cream to go with this using a 5% Cartwheel.  Did I mention that I’m lactose intolerant?  Poor Mark.

2015-03-22 11.14.02


Up&Up nicotine lozenges.  These keep Mark from burying bodies in our back yard under the cover of darkness.  Target has a great price of $24.99 for an 81 count box of 2mg lozenges.  There’s a 5% Cartwheel and I used a $1 off a purchase of $3 or more Up&Up coupon in Target’s Easter coupon book.  (These books are located at the front of the store next to the weekly fliers)

2015-03-22 11.14.12


I got two free boxes of Windex electronics wipes as well.  I printed off the $1/1 printable last week making these $1 boxes of 4 wipes free.  They have since changed the wording on the coupon excluding the 4 counts..so that deal is dead.

2015-03-22 11.15.35


I didn’t have a coupon or Cartwheel for this Annie’s meal kit for kids, but Maddy loves Annie’s and it’s so much healthier than a Lunchable.  $1.98.

2015-03-22 11.15.28



I also found a box of Simply Balanced granola bars on clearance for $1.88 and there was a 5% Cartwheel for these, too.  Any time I can save money on healthy lunch box items for the kids, I’m thrilled.

2015-03-22 11.15.43



So all in all a great week saving some money at Target.

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