This just in…sweatpants the leading cause of divorce in America.

So says Eva Mendes in a recent interview with Extra.  Really?  And I kind of liked her, too.  So wearing sweatpants is a divorcable offense, huh?  Sounds to me like someone hasn’t had a very long and/or comfortable relationship yet. Now it’s very likely that she was at least partly kidding.  I hope.  But it got lots of raised eyebrows and more than one angry rant on Facebook that I’ve seen.

I personally live in yoga pants and leggings.  Once in a while I’ll wear jeans in the winter, but greatly prefer being able to breathe comfortable.  And does Mark care?  Nope.  Any day that someone doesn’t have to call him and tell him that I’m out wandering the aisles of Target in my chonies is a good day for him.

I’ve tried to get his opinion on any number of outfits over the years and he very wisely says that he loves all of them and couldn’t possibly pick one that he likes better.  He also tells me at least once a day that I’m pretty and how much he loves me.  Even if I’m wearing a two year old pair of leggings with a hole in the crotch and one of his old work t-shirts.  And you know what?  He means it.  He loves me no matter what and if I decided to waltz around the house in a Hefty bag, he’d tell me I was fashion forward and looked beautiful in green.  So no, I don’t think he’ll be calling in a U-Haul should I continue to wear what I like.

So I kind of feel sorry for Miss Mendes..that she feels even a little bit like her marriage is contingent on never being seen in a pair of Hanes Her Way.  That’s cool.  More for me.

2015-03-20 11.45.50


Mossimo from Target..$7.99.



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