Deals and steals of the week.

Slowly but surely I’m building the stockpile back up.  After not doing any huge hauls all summer and fall, it feels good to be building it up again.  But for the record, it felt better to live off of it for months at a time and not be running to the store every other day.  

This week I got to enjoy a little more holiday clearance at Walmart.

2015-01-15 11.58.55Glade holiday scents marked down 50% off (normally $2.99) and ringing up at $1.48.  I used a $1/1 mq on each one making them .48 each.  I stored them in Ziplok  bags and hopefully they’ll stay fresh until this fall.  There are printable coupons for this deal on, and lots of inserts from weekend papers, including the 1/11/15 SmartSource.  Glade is a super easy coupon to find.

2015-01-15 11.44.27

Sorry fellas, I know this isn’t your cup of tea..but it is what it is.  There was a great $3/1 coupon in the 1/4/15 SmartSource for Stayfree.  This coupon is being WILDLY misused at Walmart.  The wording on this coupon was a little vague..see picture below….


It’s intended for 28 count packages or higher.  Stayfree confirmed it on their FB page..not to be used on smaller packages.  But of course you know that every fool out there who wanted FREE went and tried to use it at Walmart on the $2.97 packages of the lower count.  I, however, not having my head up my butt and not being cool with coupon fraud, used it correctly.  I bought (10) 48 count packages at $4.97, used a $3/1 mq on each and paid $1.97 each.  DEAL.   Not free, but also not coupon fraud.
This morning I headed out to Shaw’s to check out any good clearance items.  Remember, go early in the morning and there’s always TONS of good stuff marked down for quick sale.  I especially love this in the produce section.  Mark, bless his healthy little heart, still eats salad for lunch every day, so these are great deals for me.  Today I grabbed two boxes of salad greens marked down to .99 each and apple slices with caramel dip for Mad’s lunchbox at .50 each.
2015-01-16 08.27.53
Love Shaw’s.  Also saw these (below) on clearance there…marked down $2 each.  Personal hygiene girlie stuff for everybody!  
2015-01-16 08.29.43
Threw my produce items in the trunk (not like they won’t stay cold out there) and stopped at McDonald’s for my medium iced hazelnut coffee ($1.08 with tax) and headed off to….Target!  Oh, cheeky monkeys…how did you know?
Today I had a lot of fun shopping at my happy place Target.  Lots of great deals to take advantage of.
2015-01-16 11.28.06Coffee Mate Natural Bliss creamer, on sale at Target for $1.97.  Used a .75/1 mq from on each one, making them $1.22 each.  Yum.  Again, not the best deal ever, but I am a sucker for these and just plain old wanted them.  Deal with it.
2015-01-16 11.29.14Kill the germs!  Kill the germs!  These make me crazy happy.  Lysol all purpose cleaner is $1.97, buy 4 and get a $5 gift card thru 1/17.  I used (2) .50/2 printable coupons from and paid $6.88 out of pocket, and got a $5 gc back.  So like paying $1.88 for all 4.  
2015-01-16 11.30.43More candles!  I used two more $1/1 mq’s AND Target has a 10% Cartwheel offer on Glade!  .43 each!  Gift baskets for Christmas maybe?  
2015-01-16 11.31.46All of the germ killing stuff is making my whole day.  Dial foaming soap on clearance for $1.56 each.  Used (1) $1/2 mq from the 1/11/15 RedPlum and the 25% Cartwheel from Target.  Ended up paying .81 each.  Also was happy to find an Up & Up (Target brand) foaming hand soap on clearance for .78 cents.  
2015-01-16 11.32.02
Schick Quatro razors, $6.99 each.  Buy two, get a $5 gift card thru 1/17.  I used (2) $3/1 mq’s from the 12/7/15 SmartSource and paid $7.98 out of pocket and got a $5 gift card back!  So like paying $1.49 each!  Score!  Not like I’ll use ’em.  If you shave your legs in winter..what holds your warm socks up?  Hahahaha…I kid.  Maybe.
Lots of great grocery deals running this week thru Saturday night as well..lots of Chef Boyardee products marked down to .69 each and there’s a 10% Cartwheel, I do love to stock up on these, especially in winter.  It’s something Mad can open by herself and pop in the microwave when I can’t cook one more meal without screaming once in awhile.
There you have it, gang.  I’m all shopped out and will be laying low this weekend.  We have a houseguest for a couple of days..
2015-01-16 11.19.00
This sweet old fella is Andy, Maddy’s dad’s dog.  Maddy’s dad is going to out of town for a couple of days and Andy is going to hang out here with us.  
2015-01-16 11.44.55
This is Andy trying to jam his head thru my ribcage while I type.  So we’ll be here..sharing the couch and finding great deals for next week!
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