Should iStay or should iGo now?

I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a hugely addicted cell phone junkie.  I don’t remember the last time I wasn’t connected to the internet or social media in one form or another.  Occasionally I’ll find myself with a dying iPhone battery and getting to a charger is nothing short of a cattle stampede for me…nothing and no one in my way is safe.  I do make a concerted effort to put it down when we’re having family time..but these days we’re all plugged in here at our house.  Hal has her iPad.  Mad has iPod, smartphone and Kindle Fire.  Mark and I are iPhone, smartphone and laptops. I really enjoy my iPhone.  It’s a pretty little white 5c.  Mark gave it to me for Valentine’s Day last year and while I do love it..this screen is SMALL…my 45 year old eyeballs are about to fall out trying to see the screen clearly.  I’m eligible for an upgrade here pretty quick and I’ve been trying to decide whether to stay with iPhone or go back to an Androids and GO BIG.  Have you seen some of their new phones?  Samsung has the Mega and the Note and they are HUUUUUUGE.  I’m at the point where I want an iPad-sized phone.  The bigger the better.  And the Note 4 is due to be released in the US in October.

Samsung Note 3

Samsung Note 3


Photo Samsung



Photo Samsung

I can see those!  I went into the US Cellular store yesterday and picked them both up and they’re both comfortable for me to hold.  But I really went in to see the new iPhone 6+ looks.  Unfortunately, this is the 2nd store that I’ve gone into this week that has the box or a phone cover to show you, but no phone.  Here’s what I can tell you from the phone cover I saw.  It’s redonkulously tall.  Like twice as tall as my back pockets, which 9 times out of 10 is where I keep my phone.  (butt-cheek cancer, ayiee!)  Here’s how my little 5c compares to the new 6 Plus.


photo Apple

The 6 Plus is tall, but maybe too tall?  Too Skinny?  It almost seems fragile to me.  I’m not sold on it.  I am hell on a phone, you guys.  The only reason my iPhone has made it this far is because I’ve got a super-hybrid-shockproof-rubber-edged case on it that’s saved it many a time. Seriously, once a week or so this phone goes bouncing across concrete, hardwood, down stairs… Maybe once the hub-bub dies down and a store can actually show me one, I’ll think more about it, but right now I am leaning towards going back to a droid.  What about you guys?  Team Apple or Team Android?  Did you use an iPhone and go back to a droid?  Why? Update:   Ooooh..just before I published this, I saw several stories come up online about the iPhone 6 Plus actually bending in people’s pockets.  Hmmmm.  OK, I do keep mine in my pocket quite a bit, but only when I’m wandering around the house or in a store and need to keep pulling it out for quick reference.  I don’t sit on it ever and mine is always in a hard case.  But I suppose it makes sense, something that tall and thin is going to have some bend/give to it.  So lesson learned here..don’t put a very thin, very tall phone in your pocket without a case.  Especially one that’s retailing at more than the Blue Book value of my Volvo.

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