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My shopping has been sorely lacking this summer due to my children who make me want to drink upon occasion little helpers being home all the time and not being able to take the time that a good couponing haul needs.  But I’m grabbing deals here and there and found some great ones this week.  If you haven’t been to Shaw’s yet for the Jolly Time popcorn deal, you need to go before the sale ends Thursday night.

Shaw’s has Jolly Time popcorn as part of it’s Mega Sale.  You have to buy 10 participating items in order to get the lowest price.  They are on sale for 79 cents each when you buy 10.

Buy (10) Jolly Time popcorn on sale for 79 cents each.
Use (4) .50/1 mq, these will double

Use (3) $1/2 mq

Total price will be 90 cents, making them 10 cents per box!  Great deal!  Popcorn is a go-to night time snack in our house.

Then we ran over to Target to take advantage of this week’s sale on snacks and drinks.  Get a $5 gift card back when you buy 10 participating items.  We bought 4 boxes of Kool-Aid Jammers at $1.79 and 6 boxes of Mott’s Snack & Go applesauce pouches at $1.99.

We used the 5% off Mott’s Cartwheel

And (3) $1/2 Mott’s mq

And (4) .50/1 Kool-aid mq

And we received a $5 gc for buying 10 items. (sale ends 8/30)  After gift card we paid less than $9 total making it about 90 cents per item.  I was thrilled with this one and we’ll do it a couple of more times before the sale ends so we’re stocked up on lunchbox goodies.

2014-08-13 16.10.22

There’s also a great deal at Target right now on Hormel Completes.  On sale for $1.99 (sale ends 8/30) buy 5 get a $5 gift card.  We bought 10 and used…

(3) $1.50/3 mq and used 30% Cartwheel on Hormel Completes.  We ended up getting back $10 in gift cards and paying about 20 cents each for the 10 items.  I tried the Chicken Alfredo and it was pretty good!  I added chopped garlic and a lot of pepper.

2014-08-13 16.15.53

Then we hit up (with much moaning and groaning from my helpers) the shampoo aisle for some cheap kid’s shampoo & body wash.  No one told me how ever-loving much shampoo a teen and a tween go thru on a weekly basis..oy.  Ask me about my water bill sometime when you want a good laugh.

Suave Kids body wash is on sale right now thru 8/23 for $1.49.  Use a $1/1 mq to get them for 49 cents each!  Likewise for the kids shampoo that’s on sale for $1.89, use the $1/1 to get it for 89 cents.  We got 4 of each.

2014-08-13 20.52.43

So while not my usual shop, I’ll take what I can get until the girls are back in school and I can get back into a routine.   I love, love, love having the kids home for the summer..but come August, I’m ready to lose my damned mind have a morning alone.

And because I personally love reading blogs that have lots of personal pictures, I’ll include a few from this past weekend.  It was Mark’s 44th birthday on Monday and he took an unheard of day off.  This guy NEVER takes days off, so it was really nice to get to spend not only a weekday, but his birthday with him.  He spent it working on his truck.  Such a guy.  I spend my birthday demanding cake and gifts from the couch or my bed..he works on trucks, go figure.

2014-08-11 12.28.10-3

See my cute shoes?  I’m totally there for moral support.  I think he really likes it when I offer helpful suggestions and critique his work.  I know I always appreciate thoughtful advice.

2014-08-09 12.24.49

He also likes it when I take lots of pictures.  This is a lie.

2014-08-09 12.25.57

That’s cool.  I’ll hang out here in the shade.  It was really hot that day.

And today is my sister Rob’s birthday!  She’s older than me.  Hahahahahaha.  OK, not by much, but older.  And far enough away that I’m not afraid to tell you all that.  Rob & I are the best of best friends as well as sisters and it kills both of us that we’re so far apart right now, but we talk or text every day and she’s always in my heart and on my mind. Here’s us back in the day.   Look how cute she is!  That’s me clinging to her like a monkey..nothing ever changes.  Isn’t she beautiful?  She’s 6 feet in her bare feet and I used to cry because I didn’t want to be a troll doll wanted to be tall, too.

2014-08-13 08.29.01

2014-08-09 16.54.04

Here’s Fatzilla having one of her 20 naps of the day and crushing my ovaries.  I love her wicked bad.

2014-08-09 16.48.30


2014-08-13 07.53.30

Yard sale find!  Clarks!  I love these and they are super comfy!

There you have it, Cheeky Monkeys…I’ve got to get myself into bed..I’ve been reading the latest in my beloved St. Mary’s series by Jodi Taylor and have been having to tear myself away from this book..I love it!


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