Those who arrive….



October?  October 2014 is how long we have to wait for The Walking Dead season 5 premiere?  I admit it freely, I am so hooked on this show.  What started out as something that I watched whilst peeking through my fingers and squinched up eyes, has become a bit of an obsession.

Sunday night isn’t Sunday night without me wishing Carl dead,  ending up eyeballing my stockpile and wondering how many boxes of Betty Crocker potatoes and Kotex I could hump out of here on my back if I had to.  Because I would.  There’s plenty I’m willing to do without during a zombie apocalypse, but mashed potatoes and pads aren’t two of those things.  Priorities, people.  I’m all about them.

So last night..oh my God, were you all FAH-REAKING OUT waiting for it?  I was.  Here’s my first thought.  None of our people died.  I was SURE, that even in a season full of death, that at least one of our favorites would be zombie bait.  But alas!  With the exception of poor Beth, who got whisked off in the back of a hearse a couple of weeks ago, they were all still around.

Terminus.  It was totally too good to be true.  The minute I saw that those gates were unlocked without so much as one lowly guard, I was like, NUH-UH, GLEN!  OH NO YOU DITN’T JUST PUSH THOSE CREEPY ASS GATES OPEN AND WALK THROUGH!  MAGGIE, KICK SOME SENSE INTO YOUR BOY, THERE!  YOU KNOW NOBODY IN THERE UP TO ANY GOOD!”  Side note, I’m a lot of fun to go to the movies and watch TV with.

I had read a few weeks ago that in TWD comic (graphic novel?) that the group that Daryl falls in with were called the Hunters and were cannibals.  So I figured that was going to play in there somewhere.  And that creepy Boys Town code that they lived by…”Claimed!”   I’d claim every damned thing I saw and then some stuff I didn’t.  Possibly Daryl or Rick.  What?  Who said that?  Moving on.

So they’re all loaded up on the crazy-train, pretty much the whole fam damily plus a few new ones.  Excellent!  And Carol and Tyreese are still out there, as well as the bag of weapons stashed outside the gates.  All good things for our group.  Also, none of them have been turned into brisket yet, always a good thing.

And is there any better Rick than a had-enough-gonna-kick-some-butt Rick?  No, no there is not.  And while Carl is still annoyingly alive, I have hope yet.  Terminus, those who arrive survive.  Except maybe Carl.

What do you think?  How are our heroes getting out of the BBQ box car?  Carol & Tyreese?  New characters?  October is a loooooooong ways away, but it’ll be so worth it!  “They’re screwing with the wrong people”….hee!


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