People Look At You Funny When You Shop In A Hazmat Suit.

We’ve had the plague here in the house.  And I won’t name names (Mark a.k.a. “Ground Zero”) but only one of us has it and I’ve been tearing through this house since Tuesday trying to prevent contamination to the rest of us.  I’ve scoured every surface of this house with bleach and Lysol wipes multiple times a day.  Did you know that bleach fumes can burn your eyeballs?  True story.  Not that it happened to me.  (I’m lying)

You may be aware that I have a thing with germs.  I don’t do very well when someone in the house is sick.  It’s a constant battle for me to not just get a gas can, a book of matches, buy a new house and start over.  I want stock in hazmat suits.

Oh my God, do you know how hard it is to find a picture of a hazmat suit without it being Walter White??  So needless to say I’ve had my work cut out for me the last few days trying to get Typhoid Harry back on the road to health as well as keep the rest of us from getting it.  This means I haven’t had much time to shop or get any great deals, but this morning I got to make up for that a bit.

Shaw’s started a REALLY good sale today and I took full advantage of it.  Lots of mix n’ match buy 10 sale items that I really liked.  I got….

20 Powerade…49 cents each when you buy 10.

10 College Inn cans of chicken broth..49 cents when you buy 10.

20 boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix…99 cents when you buy 10 and I had 10 $1 off 2 coupons, so 10 were free right off the bat.

10 bags of frozen Birds Eye veggies..79 cents when you buy 10.

10 cans of Green Giant veggies…49 cents when you buy 10.

4 boxes of Bisquick, on sale for $2.00, and I used 4 .60/1 coupons, which doubled making it 80 cents per box.

And a dozen eggs (Shaw’s brand) for 99 cents using a coupon from their sale flyer.

Not shown, 5 more boxes of cake mix and the eggs, because I left them in the truck and was too lazy to go back out to get them just so you guys could see them.  And see that up there?  Anyone could go out and save a few bucks and throw a picture up on the internet..that up there is the work of an artiste.  And see the fish?  His name is Phil A. O’Fish..he’s down with saving money, too.

So all total I spent just about $43 out of pocket.  I saved $52.16 or $54%, which is great..especially because they’re all items I’ll use a lot of with the holidays coming.

I was putting canned goods away in the corner cupboard/lazy susan and discovered some of Mad’s Monster High dolls have gone rogue and have set up shop in there.

I’m not sure if it looks more like a psychiatrist with a patient on the couch or if they were hanging out too late last night with those Bratz dolls again and are now having a rough morning recovering. And yes, that’s a Hello Kitty toaster. Poor Mark.



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