Three Day Weekend, Day 1. So Far, So Good.

Ah…a 3 day weekend with the children at home.  My first mistake was letting them sleep in this morning.  Mark left for work and the house was so quiet and my coffee was so good and there were lots of gossip sites newspapers to catch up on!  I had Fatzilla curled up on my lap (all 17 pounds of her) and life was good.  Who wakes up sleeping kids on a Saturday morning?  Not this girl.

Scarlet, aka “Fatzilla”

So I finished the pot of coffee, took a shower, cleaned the house and then looked at the clock.  Son of a…..10:00.  They’ll be up all night now.  Code red!  Code red!  Race up the stairs, shake them out of their beds..throw clothes at them and have them somewhat alert and ready to walk out the door by 10:30.  Places to go, kids!  Things to do!  Coupons to use!

Shaw’s, of course, was my first stop.

Shaw’s trip. 62 items..$136.18 before coupons and store savings, $53.08 paid out of pocket after. Savings of $83.10, or 61%.

Shaw’s was a madhouse when we were there.  Apparently the EBT system went down nationwide due to some computer update/glitch and lines were crazy long.  Now what does my autistic teen hate?  Strangers, strange places, loud noises and people bumping her.  All which we encountered on this particularly long and crowded shopping trip.  I kept my eye on her and she held up like a pro.  We’ve had to leave plenty of places before because I could see her getting too stressed, but today her sister led her over to the bench by the door and she was perfectly happy sitting right there where I could see them while I waited in line.

We hit a couple of yard sales after our shopping, which are sadly winding down for the year.  I got a really pretty hall rug for downstairs for a dollar, some cool black iron scroll work balls, a Tinkerbell Snugglie (blanket thing with arms?) and a pretty pair of silver hoop earrings, all for a buck each.

This brought us up to lunch time.  Sigh.  The jackals girls were already fighting in the car, because you know…they had been nice to each other for a whole two hours already.  So we cruised a most unhealthy drive-thru for some lunch for them and iced coffee for me (2 guesses where I went).

We drove around a little bit and did a little leaf-peeping, the colors are so gorgeous right now!

I love this tree up on Seventh Street, I took this one on Friday.

At this point Hal, my big girl, was pretty much fried and really had had enough, so headed for home.  The afternoon was spent refereeing these two chuckle heads and praying for Mark to come home playing creative thinking games and singing folk songs.  Hahahahaha..that’s such a lie.  Oh, man.  *wipes tears of laughter*

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be sunny again and I won’t make the same mistake twice.  My two bundles of sunshine and joy are getting up EARLY and we are spending the day outside.  Park, playground, City Forest, you name it.  They are going to RUN ALL DAY.  I’d like to get them over to Treworgy’s to grab a few more pumpkins, but Hallee has already been on a school trip there this fall and once she goes, she’s done for the year.   Mad says she saw that Marden’s had a ton, so maybe we’ll meander over that way.  We’ll try our hand at pumpkin carving and see if we can avoid a trip to the ER.  I’ll take pictures and share them tomorrow.  What do you like to do with your family on holiday weekends?

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