Do You Know What I Need?

After a whirlwind week and weekend, I need what every woman needs to unwind.  That’s right, a good, long, satisfying THRIFT/COUPONING SHOPPING TRIP.  Jeeze you guys..really?  This is a family blog.

I haven’t been on a good shopping run for a week or so because getting things ready for the rehearsal dinner for Mark’s son got crazy and then the wedding itself was crazy and then we spent Sunday sitting in the corner and rocking. So today, I armed myself with my coupon binder and off I went.

First Walgreens on Broadway.  Lots of deals there this week, but I only wanted one.  Certain Post and Quaker cereals were on sale for $1.76 and I had myself a fistful of $1/1 coupons from Quaker, making them 76 cents each.  Total cost for 4 boxes was $3.04 plus tax.  Thank you, Walgreens, always a pleasure.  The kids love cereal and we go thru a lot.  OK, that’s a lie.  It’s me, not them.   I eat a crazy ton of cereal, yo.

Next I raced up the street (Note to any law enforcement who might be reading…you should know I drive a 15 year old Volvo..I don’t race anywhere, really.  OK, that’s another lie) to Salvation Army.  You know I’m not missing Shoe Day Tuesday.  I didn’t find any shoes..I know, shocking, right?  But I looked high and low and even under the racks because you never know what someone will try to hide and come back for later.  What?  You’ve never done that?  Um..sure…me neither.

Anyhoo, no shoes.  But I did find a really huge woven pink basket from Ikea to put in the girl’s bathroom for their laundry for 99 cents.  The new house is a split level and the washer and dryer are downstairs in Mark’s and my bathroom.  The downside to this is that any dirty laundry from upstairs regularly gets heaved over the railing down to Mom.  Nice.  So basket for the slobs kids and I found a nice mail/bill organizer to keep down here by our computers for 99 cents.

Paper organization isn’t my thing, so this will hopefully help to tame the mini-piles that have popped up in every room. I needed to go pay the water bill today and had no clue where the bill was.  Mark finally found if for me last night, under the table that holds our printer and laptops.  I had apparently shoved a handful of mail under there before company came this past weekend.  Oh, also?  Hi to the sweet lady who works for the Bangor Water District who let me use their bathroom, even though I don’t think they were supposed to be for the public.  Ya..remember that overactive bladder thing?  In full swing today.  You’re welcome. So two bucks down at Salvation Army.

 Next I took a spin over to Shaw’s to see if they had restocked the shelves yet for the sale going on this week on Suave Professionals.  No, they had not.  But I am patient and work from home.  I can check Shaw’s all day long if it means me getting my deal. The deal I’m stocking up on this week is Suave Professionals shampoos.  They are on sale for $1.79 and I have 10 coupons for $1.50 off 1, making them each 29 cents.  Yeah, Baby.  Come to Mama.  The girls go thru shampoo like you wouldn’t believe, unless you have teen and tween daughters of your own.  Then you know what I’m talking about.  So they can use all the Suave they want to for 29 cents a bottle.  Just keep your little glitter-painted-nails off my L’Oreal and we’ll all be alright.

After that I cruised the McDonald’s drive-thru for my medium caramel iced coffee (swear to God, I’m hooked) and took a leisurely walk along the waterfront that lasted all of 5 minutes, because you know…bladder thing.  And also..public bathroom thing.  *shudder* I’ll try Shaw’s again tomorrow.  If you see a lady hiding in the bushes out back by the truck bays with binoculars, come say hi.  And maybe an iced coffee would be ok, too.  

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